Artist's Statement

Iíve always been drawn to capture life through realism.  I used pen and ink early in my career because of the ability to control the precision of the line, allowing me to render an illustration that represented a mechanical or biological system, thereby simplifying the understanding of that system.

Iíve recently become attracted to paper sculpting, as this medium enables the composition to become more alive by using light and shadows to create depth. I also find paper attractive because it isnít the first material that comes to mind when one thinks of 3D art. My challenge as an artist is to form paper into permanent shapes that are unnatural for this medium, in order to represent the natural characteristics of ordinary objects.  My goal is to help expose this unique, wonderful medium as it is not often seen as part of the art world.    



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Artist's Statement




©Daryl J Ashton 2011


Custom Paper Sculptures        


                           by Daryl J Ashton