Custom Paper Sculptures        


                           by Daryl J Ashton



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Gallery II

Materials & Technique

Artist's Statement




©Daryl J Ashton 2013


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Ann Martin, a paper filigree artist, has an interesting blog that explores the world of paper art and paper craft. Besides her own beautiful pieces, she shares the work of other artists who specialize in the use of paper in their works. Included on her blog are links to tutorials that focus on paper filigree techniques. Click on the photo to the right to visit her website.

Photo Credit - Many thanks to Rich Quindry for the excellent photos of Daryl's finished pieces. Please visit Rich's website for his contact information and more examples of his beautiful, enhanced digital photography. Click on the icon to the left to visit his website.


Fran Heineman - Thank you to Fran for her design of this website, as well as my business cards, brochures, and other print materials.
Janice Fiore - Special thanks to my dear friend and excellent photographer. Jan was kind enough to photograph the closeups for the Sea themes. Please visit her website to view her incredible nature and travel photographs, as well as a beautiful pictures of St. Paul's Church, in Philadelphia, PA.